Playa, Please

As I mentioned recently, I’m trying to post more short ‘snapshots’ from my travels. First up: Barcelona

Barceloneta by Expat Edna-2Barceloneta by Expat EdnaBarceloneta by Expat Edna-4Barceloneta by Expat Edna-3

It was the waters that won me over.

Going into Barcelona, I wasn’t sure if we’d click. After all, one of its main attractions is the beach — and I am the opposite of a beach person. Not to mention every Spaniard on the beach looks like they walked straight off an FHM cover, and I was definitely sporting some jamon handles.

When I reached the Playa de la Barceloneta, I began my usual “beach routine”: take some photos, wade into the water for a split second, then head off in search of more ham.

But the Mediterranean stopped me in my wading tracks. The water was so delightfully warm, and so unbelievably clear. After three years in Asia, I didn’t believe this level of clarity was possible for any body of water so close to a large city.

I swam farther and longer than I ever had before in those waves. The temperature, the clarity, it was all too pleasant.

After that, I was hooked.

Barceloneta by Expat Edna-16Barceloneta by Expat Edna-6Barceloneta by Expat Edna-8Barceloneta by Expat Edna-11Barceloneta by Expat Edna-12Barceloneta by Expat Edna-15Barceloneta by Expat Edna-10Barceloneta by Expat Edna-14Barceloneta by Expat Edna-18

If you’re not a beach person but do enjoy swimming, I’d recommend checking out Barceloneta at sunrise: the water’s still warm but the beach is deserted!

Where’s your favorite beach?

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful! Barcelona is one of my most favorite cities in the world. Can you believe that of all of the times I have visited, I have never gone to the beach there?

  2. Oh boy, that water. <3 Barcelona is definitely up there as one of my top places to visit.

  3. Jamon handles. HAHAHA, you crack me up! It looks like an absolutely stunning beach side!

  4. The beaches of Barcelona will forever remind me of my friend being robbed -_-‘

    I’m glad you had a good experience, though! Haha!

    • Oh no! I’ve had that happen to friends of friends too. Does make for an easy thieving location :/

  5. The beaches in Barcelona can be really fantastic and quite quiet too if you know where to look and time it right.

  6. your usual beach routine of taking some photos, wading into the water then heading off in search of more ham is pretty much my beach routine too! THERE’S. NO. SUCH. THING. AS. TOO. MUCH. JAMON.


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