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Two Days in…LA

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The art of doing nothing in London

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One Day in…Segovia

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The 5 Best Things I Ate in Chicago

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Everything Is Cyclical

Edinburgh, August 2018. My last day in Europe for the foreseeable future (again) Five years ago, at summer's end, I wrote this post. I wrote about the funny twists life can take -- how it can throw you in for a spin cycle and leave you tumbling out in a place you never, in your strangest … [Continue reading...]

A Very Short Story About Norway

This is a very short story about my first time in Norway, because, well, the trip itself was just as short. I mean technically, the drive was long -- ten hours on the road, woof! -- but all told, we were in Norway for three hours. All to rescue a dog and a Frenchman. (this is not the van … [Continue reading...]

A Very Swedish Midsommar

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Reflections on 28 and a Decade Abroad

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Realistic Resolutions for 2018

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Why I Left a Life I Loved to Move to New Zealand

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On the Road Again: Where I’m Traveling in 2018

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Hitting Reset: How Fiji Got My Groove Back

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The Quirks of Taipei Living

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Twelve Hours in…Hong Kong

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#27EpicMoments + The Best of Bali

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Realistic Resolutions for 2017

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I Love My Neighborhood: Westerpark, Amsterdam

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