The 5 best things I ate in Paris: Spring 2015

Pink Flamingo PIzza, Paris by Expat Edna

In this biweekly series, I round up the five best things I ate in a particular city or country. Read more food posts here.

These days, trips to Paris mostly feature a return to all of our favorite restaurants and bars — we basically live at Cafe St Regis — with just a few meals set aside for trying new places, or crossing ones off the list of “how did we live in Paris so long and never eat here??” Thankfully, almost all of them did not disappoint (…or give us food poisoning. I’m looking at you, Les Fous de l’Île).

1. Oysters!

Oysters and Pol Roger Champagne, Paris by Expat Edna

Oystahs! I’m still getting my raw seafood bearings, but in my opinion French oysters are pretty divine — this last trip back, we devoured six dozen in nine days and my taste buds fell in love with Utah Beach. I’d recommend trying one of three ways:

1. eating straight from a stand at the Marché Bastille, where handsome scruffy oystermen will shuck you nine fresh oysters for 12 euro and throw in a bit of white wine to wash it all down

2. going to a restaurant, in which case I recommend La Poissonnerie on rue de Turenne (which apparently also goes by Comptoir des Mers)

3. taking your oysters to go (again I recommend La Poissonnerie for this; they’re half restaurant, half fishmonger) and shucking them at home, to pair with a bottle of champagne and an assortment of French cheeses.

Number 3 is how we celebrated Chinese New Year this year. I’d recommend it.

2. Sunday brunch, Green Goose

Brunch at Green Goose, Paris by Expat Edna

Introduced by our favorite bartenders (Joe and Jen of Red House) as one of the best brunches in ParisGreen Goose is not your typical Irish gastropub. Opened just over a year ago, there are no leprechauns, no shamrocks, not even Guinness: just a fantastic selection of Irish craft beers and excellent brunch dishes. So really, the way a proper Irish pub should be — cozy, friendly, with none of that Corcoran’s nonsense.

Sidenote: you can always trust bartenders to know where the good Sunday brunches are. The four of us met up for one meal and ended up staying five hours. Those scones are really good, man.

3. Dinner, Martin

Martin, Paris by Expat Edna

I went to Martin based on this post by one of my favorite Paris food writers. It was an enticing review, but also discussed an Au Passage connection, and the mere mention of that place (possibly my favorite restaurant in all of Paris) makes me perk up like a meerkat and start demanding some burrata.

Another small-shared-plates type of place, the food is cheerful and cheap, with the average dish costing 5 euro (I did the math: getting all 14 on the board that night would have cost only 71 euro!). I wanted to curl up and fall asleep inside the chevre frais, it was that good.

Throw in a gin & tonics list that made me feel like I was back in Madrid and you’d understand why I came back twice in one week. If I still lived in Paris, this would probably be my new go-to casual dinner option.

4. Pizza, Pink Flamingo

Pizza at Pink Flamingo, Paris by Expat Edna

I’d walked past Pink Flamingo hundreds of times when I was on my Breizh kick (it’s literally two doors down), never knowing what I was missing. It was only after one tasty movie night at Sara’s, where we ordered six pizzas to accompany In Bruges, that Joe and I decided to check out the actual parlor.

Turns out this place is super funky, sporting a hot pink and black 50s rock vibe and graffitied from floor to ceiling while churning out probably the best pizza I’ve had in Paris (not even sorry, Grazie). The complex topping options make choosing just one pizza so difficult — I’ve had great success with ones featuring duck breast, gorgonzola and fig, and especially one pie topped with cheesy shrimp and seafood….

5. Chez Janou

Chocolate mousse at Chez Janou, Paris by Expat Edna

Chez Janou: Come for the Provençal food and decor, stay for the enormous bowl of chocolate mousse they plop in front of you for dessert — and let you serve yourself AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

Seriously though: the food is okay, the prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is cozy, but I’d only return for this larger-than-my-face bowl of chocolate. It’s massive, and the mousse is marvelous.

I’ll be back in Paris in July and I’m always taking more food suggestions! Where’s your favorite place to eat in Paris?

5 best things I ate in Paris spring 2015

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  1. Ah, your post makes me miss Paris so much! I love how Chez Janou’s mousse au chocolat is bigger than your head and it’s all self serve. :D

    • Yes! Only two of us technically ordered the chocolate mousse, but they didn’t care that the others at our table of five also had a couple spoonfuls — in fact the waitress left us the bowl for quite a while, and then when she came back for it later she was like, are you sure you’ve taken enough? Loved it!

  2. Oh how I wish I’d gotten to read this before my trip to Paris! That photo of the chocolate mousse nearly had me licking the computer screen!

    I ate really well during my week in Paris, but my hands-down favorite meal was enjoyed at Vins des Pyrenees near the Bastille.

    So jealous you get to go back in July! The Museum of Modern Art was closed while we were there (seriously, how can you close an ENTIRE museum?!) so we’ve discussed using that as an excuse to go back for a weekend. As if one needs an excuse to go back to Paris :-)

    • Ah sorry!! You should definitely return…perhaps in July :) Would be great to finally cross paths!

  3. Oh that mousse was so divine! And I’m excited about trying out Green Goose.

    And wait, does coming in July mean also coming at the beginning of August for a certain event? ;)

  4. Always love your food posts – I was prepared this time and made sure I ate lunch before daring to look at these tempting food photos :-)

    I love that you feel the same way about Pink Flamingo! Two summers ago we had a pizza tasting with Michael’s sister and her friend – two of us picked up pizza from Grazie and the other two from Pink Flamingo. I thought Grazie was going to take the win, but we all voted for Pink Flamingo! So good, and so dangerously close to our apartment that I eat more pizza in France than I would like to admit…

  5. You get to serve yourself as much chocolate mousse as you want??…I’m sold!!

  6. How funny that one of your top 5 in Paris is Irish brunch? But then, that looks amazing. I wish I was eating that right now.
    Also, after my aweful awful pizza experiences in Southern France, I am happy to hear there is a good pie to be had there. I’ll have to try it next time I find myself in Paris.

    • To be clear, this is a regular series I write so all of my Paris favorites have been written about in previous posts, this was just the latest of the new additions!


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