10 under €10: The best places to eat in Paris on a budget

(Last updated: November 2015)

When you move to Paris, suddenly everyone wants to come visit you.

It’s wonderful to see so many friends and family, but their visits present a dilemma: Where should you eat?

Where do you go for meals that are not only so delicious that you don’t mind eating there repeatedly — but doing so will not break the bank?

See, I’d love to be able to take every one who visits me to Verjus or Café Constant, but I simply don’t have the budget.

So after a year of playing host, I’ve been able to compile a list of my favorite wallet-friendly places to eat in Paris.

If you want to know where I’d take you if you ever came to visit me in Paris, this is the definitive list. If someone’s in town, if another blogger wants to meet up — nine times out of ten I end up at one of these places. I’ve been to each one so many times, I know the staff and often they recognize me as well.

So to celebrate the close of my first year in Paris, I hereby present:

Where to Eat in Paris on a Budget



What to order: In this cozy little restaurant in the Marais, €5 you will get the best salted caramel crêpe of your life. For a more filling meal, order a savory galette (€7-10) — or get both, and split the food (and cost) between two people.

109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003
Metro: Saint-Sébastien–Froissart (I prefer to go to Hotel de Ville and walk through the Marais)
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays 


What to order: The croque monsieur is essentially a ham and cheese sandwich. The croque madame takes it one step further by adding an egg on top, and Le Nemrod takes that a hundred steps further with their amazing croque poilâne, a €10 meal that never fails to leave guests so full they usually don’t even have room for coffee.

51 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006
Metro: Rennes
Open every day 


What to order: All of this is yours for just €5.50 €6 at L’as du Falafel, a joint in the Marais so popular you can tell you’re getting close just by the number of people you’ll see walking down the street holding falafels. There’s often a long line, but don’t worry — the staff move so quickly you won’t be in it for long.

34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004
Metro: Saint-Paul
Closed Saturdays 

CYCLO (*see note below)

What to order: I’ve tried my fair share of Asian restaurants in Paris, but none satisfy a craving for Vietnamese food better than Cyclo. While the pho is decent, it’s their authentic bo bun (€8) that keeps me coming back for more.

*Update: I think this place has changed owners and is no longer as good as it used to be. Try Pho 14 or Deux Fois Plus de Piment if you’re looking for good, affordable Asian food in Paris. 




What to order: Look, I’ve tried more eclairs than I can count in the past year, so I’m just going to call it: This is the best café éclair in Paris. (€2.30 each)

166 Avenue de Suffren, 75015
Metro: Sèvres-Lecourbe
Closed Thursdays


What to order: While my favorite is actually the salted caramel, for a taste of Pierre Hermé’s genius you have to try one of his unique flavor combinations — Olive Oil & Mandarin is a proven crowd pleaser; the more adventurous might also like to try his foie gras macarons. The flavors change with the seasons, so you can always return to something new. (€1.95 €2.10 each)

Various locations, check here

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KB CAFE (*see note below)

What to order: This Australian café is the ultimate place to have a light lunch and get work done thanks to their free wifi and tolerance for people who nurse a single cappuccino (€3.50) for hours on end. Of their various pastries and breads, I’d highly recommend the carrot cake (€4).

53 Avenue Trudaine, 75009
Metro: Pigalle
Open every day

Update: since writing this in 2012, the Paris coffee shop scene has exploded! My favorites now include Holybelly and Fondation Cafe. 


What to order: Forget the big chains; this Italian shop serves up gelato made from fresh ingredients in a variety of flavors, from which you can choose as many as you like no matter the size cup or cone. Pozzetto also pulls some the best espresso shots I’ve had in Paris. (Gelato starts at €3.90)

39 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004
Metro: Hotel de Ville
Open every day 

BERKO (*see note below)

What to order: The cheesecakes at Berko are filling enough to replace an entire meal, and come in so many flavors it’s hard to decide on just one. The mini cupcakes, pretty as they may be, aren’t as satisfying so I’d recommend passing on those. (Cheesecake €4-5 a slice)

23 Rue Rambuteau, 75004
Metro: Rambuteau
Open every day

Update: I’ve since realized Berko may not be a classically Parisian experience. For a sweets fix, I’d now recommend the millefeuille at Jacques Genin or cupcakes from Sugar Daze.


What to order: At €8, Angelina’s chocolat chaud may not be the cheapest in terms of value, but it’s a Paris institution and everyone should go at least once — if not for hot chocolate, than for a mont blanc, or simply to sit in the beautiful tea room. If, like me, you’re not a huge chocolate fan, try the chocolat chaud blanc (white hot chocolate) instead of the famously rich chocolat l’africain.

226 Rue Rivoli, 75001
Metro: Tuileries
Open every day

Have you been to any of these places? Which one’s your favorite? If you have a favorite meal or restaurant in Paris that you think deserves to be on this list, let me know!

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  1. I’ve got to put a word in for the mogador macarons at Pierre Herme. Passionfruit and chocolate and that famous speckled shell — to die for.

    • Totally agreed (but no surprise there, I’m a die-hard Pierre Herme loyalist — if they weren’t €2 a pop I’d probably buy a box every day) and that’s a good one since mogador’s always in stock. I wanted to suggest some of the holiday flavors but they won’t be around very long :/

  2. Mmmm, YUM! Do you ever get tired of food over there, or is it just so good that getting tired of the food doesn’t happen?

    • I do get tired of a certain type of food after a while — no matter how good French food may be, sometimes you just want to leave the baguette for a good bowl of noodles!

  3. Salted caramel cheesecake?! Oh man, Paris and its crazy wonderland of deserts. :9

  4. Just came across your site and this list of best places to dine. We are headed to Paris in January and I have printed this list to take with us. Thanks for sharing!

    • Great timing! Hope you’ll find it useful, Patti — let me know how your trip turns out!

      • My 11 year old and I are spending a week in Paris at the end of April, and I came across your site while getting ideas for places to eat. Thank you!!

        I’m already drooling over the Salted Caramel cheesecake!

  5. WHAT AN AWESOME LIST!! Am definitely bookmarking this for future foodie outings in Paris. I am a big fan of the Breizh Café myself :)

    x Milsters


    • I’m surprised you haven’t been to all of these places already! If you want me to join, you know where to reach me…

  6. The last time I was in Paris, I self-catered the entire time (no hardship when you’ve got bread and cheese that good!) because of the price of dining out, so this is a list I will cherish on my next visit! I admit, I did splurge once and had a falafel somewhere in the Marais (perhaps the place you mention?) and it really was good!

    • Definitely not hard to do — in fact, whenever friends are willing to come over to my place instead of going out, we just grab a load of cheese and wine at the supermarket and a baguette at my local boulangerie — and it’s still less than €10!

  7. I think I may have to come and visit you…don’t leave Paris anytime soon, OK?

    One of my co-workers was doing some things behind me and stopped when he noticed the screen and was reading over my shoulder saying how everything looks delicious haha!

    • You better come quick, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here… Thanks for letting me know about your co-worker, that kind of made my day!

  8. Hi dear… thanks for the tips… In fact, I wanted to go to Cyclo last time my parents visited, but it was so empty that I thought it wasn’t good. But if you say it is really good and now I also know what to order I might be giving it a new visit :)

    wish you a wonderful day,
    From Paris with love, Vicky

  9. I would eat at any of these places in a heartbeat! I’m particularly craving falafels right now, and there is always room for cheesecake!

  10. See… that bo bun looks pretty dang close to the real thing, E. Lol, I can’t believe we came so close yet were so far – we should have visit. :(

    • Haha yes but it’s still €8 and on the other side of town so I really have to commit myself to a trek out there! Not like Vietnam where you just walk out your door and, bam, there’s some cheap, delicious pho right on the street. And I KNOW I cannot believe you guys didn’t pass through Paris!

  11. UM I need to eat all of this. Immediately. Especially the bo bun.

  12. Yikes. I could have used this two months ago. You are making me hungry

    Keep this coming


  13. Yep, I’d be happy if you took me here. Except not going to lie I’d totally have to have you direct me to the Chipotle.

  14. YES. I love me some L’As du falafel. No idea how they get their falafel so darn crispy and addictive. I will drain half of bottle of that squeezey hot sauce on the tables too. Very un-French!

    And Pierre Hermé. sigh. I miss that man and his macarons.

  15. I love Pozzetto! I remember unexpectedly coming across it on a hot summer day a few years back and thinking it was some of the best gelato I’d ever had, and I still think that.

  16. Wow, all of those places look absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll surely keep them in mind. If you are still in Paris in a year or two I’ll come stalk you – I mean, visit!

  17. This is top! and visitors from overseas?? i’ve had weeks where it felt like I’ve never left home at all! Your list is awesome :)
    x, Grace

    • Thanks Grace! Would love to know where your top spots are, you’ll have to take me some time!

  18. These all sound delicious, especially the eclairs. Yum!

    • They are incredible, I’m so glad I don’t live closer to the eclair shop or I’d be eating one every day and gaining twenty pounds off them alone!

  19. You had me at salted caramel cheesecake! YUM!!!

    • Oh man, they’ve got so many flavors of cheesecake and cupcakes, it’s kind of ridiculous.

  20. Awesome list. I’ve very impressed that they’re not all €9.99 like so many # under €/$/¥ lists that you see out there :)

    I was also lucky and well prepared for this list- just had a slice of our bouche de noel or I’d be hunting down a macaron on Christmas Eve in NYC!

    • Girl please, I am a total cheapskate. Also, in Paris they use €9.90 not €9.99 :) By the way, love that you know to prepare before my food posts now haha!

  21. looooove l’as du falafel, the falafel are as big as your head, it’s crazy! i’ll have to check your list before my next visit!

    • They are — I haven’t eaten one in months because I know I actually get too full from them! Let me know the next time you pop over for a visit :)

  22. What a great list! Paris can be so expensive, but its great to know I can eat delicious foods on a budget! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Thanks Kae Lani! That’s exactly why I wrote it — so people like me on a budget don’t feel like they have to miss out on the amazing food in Paris :)

  23. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog, and I really like it so far :)
    I’m a french parisian living somewhere else at the moment, and it’s very interesting to have your views and opinions about my city. Some of your posts make me feel homesick actually, it means you’re doing a good job :)
    Anyway, if people are still reading this post, maybe you should try this too:
    -If you have a nice weather (probably not in january ^^), go to Saint-Michel, enjoy Notre Dame cathedral and go buy a Berthillon sorbet in almost any café in the area (St Louis Island). It’s amazing.
    -You probably know what a crepe is, with butter and sugar or nutella etc … But did you try the salty version sometimes called “galette” ( made with a different flour). The most famous kind is the “complete ” (full), with ham, cheese and egg but there are many others and a lot of em are under 8 euros. Try breizh cafe, 109 rue vieille du temple, 75003 or creperie du comptoir, 3 carrefour de l’odean, 75006.

    Well, I can give a few more ideas, but I don’t know if people are still gonna read this, just in case, enjoy your trip :)

    • Hi Jeff — yes, if you’re feeling homesick that is definitely a compliment, so thank you! Cheers for the other recommendations as well, I’ve been to Breizh (many times…they know me there now) but I haven’t heard of the others so will try to check them out!

  24. Ok, I just noticed that the crepe thing was your first entry.
    I’m gonna hide somewhere … with my shame. Sorry about that

  25. great post. definitely will use as our food guide for incoming paris trip!

  26. Norman says:

    Edna, reading your descriptions of these restaurants made me soooooo hungey for all of the food you described. We’ll be visiting Paris for the month of June staying in the Marais. We will definitely try every one of your recommendations.

    • Glad I could help, enjoy your trip! I love the Marais, it’s a great place to live!

  27. any good budget meals around Arc de Triomphe, effiel tower or the louvre? i have 24 hours in Paris coming up in May and while your list is great, i dont think i will have enough time to visit them as i will be mainly around all the touristy areas. the cheesecake looks amazing! :)

  28. What a great list! We tried L’as du Falafel and loved it. We are there for lunch three times in our month long visit.

    Paris is an expensive city for sure but you can actually holiday (and really experience it) without feeling like your missing out on anything or having to sit at home and eat toast. We have been living and loving Paris for under AUD $70 a day (including accommodation).

  29. Wish I had known this list of yours, when we visited Paris !! However, we still have 2 to-do’s in Paris:L the Eiffel Tower (we were there twice and haven’t been on it) and the Arab Art Museum

  30. Great idea for an article. I can second that emotion for Breizh Café and L’as du Falafel, both two dynamite bangs-for-your-buck. I must say I was slightly disappointed with Angelina’s hot chocolate, just because I felt like it didn’t really outshine some of the more affordable ones you can find elsewhere. That begin said, the decor and setting of Angelina makes it something to do (as you said) at least once. Thx for the tasty ideas, definitely bookmarked!

  31. Hi Edna i just found your blog while researching for my upcoming trip to Paris. I will definitely try to include these eateries on my list! Any recommendations for Saint Germain or around the Place Vendome? In the past i dined at a few tourist traps. Dont want that to happen again. Thanks!

  32. What a great list, Edna ! We went to Paris recently (4th trip, love it to bits) and decided to explore some cheap eats there. It’s a pity we didn’t see your list before heading there, we could only find 4 decent cheap eats which we wrote about here:


    One restaurant that we LOVED (but wasn’t cheap) was Mama’s Shelter. Have you been there?


  33. Love this list. I Love the vanilla macaroon at Pierre Herme. Classic, gorgeous, perfectly balanced. I’m sending this list to all of my clients! http://www.thetastysidetolife.blogspot.fr/

  34. Just updates – falafel is now 6 euros and le moulin de la vierges is closed on Wednesdays. Will try the rest someday!

  35. Annodal says:

    Thanks for these recommendations! I just happen to be a major salted caramel fan myself, so these were right up my alley :-)

  36. Reading this post has never come in a better time. On my way to Paris next week, I will be sure to check these eats out.

  37. Thank you so so much for your recommendations!! :D

  38. Thanks for sharing your list. I’m heading to Paris in a few weeks and can’t wait to try some these!

  39. Tanya Gupta says:

    Hello! Came across your article and theres some really good stuff here.
    I am traveling to Paris this September. I have a whole week there.
    Looking to connect with food bloggers and enthusiasts to help me find all the good food there is!
    I am a vegetarian, and on a budget. My max spend per meal would be around 15 pounds. Hope you can help me out :D
    You can find me on instagram @whiskawish

  40. Just want to say thanks. I appreciate knowing where do get decent food at a decent price.


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