Instagrammed: Return to Penang

Sunday was a travel day. We took a red-eye from Colombo to Bangkok to Manila; we are now over halfway through our filming schedule. Two episodes down, two more to go. I’m also now finding myself for some reason incredibly dehydrated, despite the 3 liters of water I’m downing every day. Southeast Asia, man. Since […]

Instagrammed: Hello, Philippines!

Somewhere in the past few years, the Philippines ended up on my EVENTUALLY list. You know the one: the list of places you know you’ll eventually see, restaurants you’ll eventually visit, chores you’ll eventually get to — things you put off because hey, they’re not going anywhere. So you never get around to them. (Cough, […]

Instagrammed: Sochi 2014

Today marks a year since the 2014 Winter Olympics began in Sochi, Russia. I never got to write about it at the time because, well, I was busy covering an Olympics. You’re lucky if you get time to eat or sleep at these things, forget the personal blogging. It was my second Olympics (the first one […]

Instagrammed: Europe for the Holidays

For those who wondered where I’ve been these past five weeks: I’ve been everywhere! Kind of. I spent all of December living out of my suitcase while traveling around northern Europe, doing a minorly whirlwind tour from Italy and France to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, and Iceland. It’s all been fairly spontaneous. I decided last-minute […]

Instagrammed: Enchanted by Corsica

The moment Corsica came into view from our plane, I was mesmerized. Snow-capped mountains appeared out of nowhere, its edges jutting into the sea, quickly followed by forests and fields; greens and blues blended together seamlessly and endlessly beneath the airplane wing. From above it looked near uninhabited — I felt like an explorer who’d […]

Instagrammed: One week in Sochi, Russia

“How was Russia? How was Russia?” everyone keeps asking. (Which is a fair question, I don’t think I’d be friends with anyone not curious about a trip to Russia.) Well, Russia was fantastic. …but I didn’t see much outside the hotel. That’s the thing about work trips: you don’t sample much of the local food […]

Instagrammed: The best of Azerbaijan

Scary confession: I took over two thousand photos in the one month that I spent in Azerbaijan — 600 of those were with my iPhone. Luckily I showed a bit more restraint when it came to my instagram feed. Below are a few of the best snaps from that month, depicting some of my favorite […]

Why 2012 was the best year ever — and 2013 scares me

Happy New Year everyone! I realize I’m slightly late with my 2012 year-in-review; I took the past week off to celebrate the holidays in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. But you know, better late than never.  I’ve been extraordinarily lucky: since 2008, every year has been exponentially better than the last. When I was 18, […]

Instagrammed: Perth and Fremantle

A recap of the four weeks I spent in Western Australia, as told through Instagram.

Instagrammed: A Week on the Riviera

How I spent a week in La Londe, a tiny town in the south of France — as seen through Instagram.