Hitting Reset: How Fiji Got My Groove Back

“Can I ask you something?” the hazel-eyed Brit interrupted from across the hostel breakfast table. “Let me get this right: you’re not a beach person. And you don’t dive or scuba or hike. What…exactly…are you hoping to get out of being here?” It was a surprisingly personal and pointed question for someone I’d known for all of an hour. […]

Twelve Hours in…Hong Kong

This month, I’m counting down my top 27 adventures at 27. Next up: Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of those cities I can never say no to, if even for a brief window of time. So when we found a flight back from our week in Bali with a 12-hour layover in HK, we jumped on the chance […]

#27EpicMoments + The Best of Bali

It’s May, which means it’s my birthday month! 27 was by far my most epic age yet: I traveled to 20 countries in the first seven months, before packing up everything to move to New Zealand in January…not to mention all the ridiculous jobs I took on around the world as a digital nomad. Over the next […]

Life as a Nomad: The Whirlwind Summer of 2016

These wrap-ups are for me to share personal tidbits, the little things that make up my life abroad — and to help you (and me!) keep track of where I’ve been. See previous months here. 2016 is the year I’ve forced myself to answer the question: How much is too much? How long can you live out of a […]

Life as a Nomad: Winter 2016

These wrap-ups are for me to share personal tidbits — the little things that make up my life abroad; stories and photos which may not otherwise see the light of blogging day. See previous months here. If I could sum up this winter in one word, it would be validation.  For months I’d been wondering if I […]

From Serial Expat to Full-Time Nomad: Life in 2015

Let’s skip all the pleasantries and excuses: yep, this recap is a little delayed. Happy 2016! Regardless of date, I love me a good annual recap. 2015, amiright?? What a year! This was the year I became a cliché, quit my corporate job, and left the serial expat life to travel full-time. More than that, my travel […]

The Green, Green Woods of New Hampshire

Two things happen to ski towns in the off-season: the price of rental lodges goes waaaay down, and the scenery explodes in so many shades of green they’d give Ireland a run for its money. Which is how I found myself in New Hampshire at the end of the summer, spending a week in a […]

Town & Country: The Beauty of Wales (Or, there’s more to Wales than sheep)

(Admittedly though, there’s a LOT of them hanging around.) So by now, you guys know alllll about the week we spent driving around North Wales, the trip my boyfriend chose this year to celebrate his birthday. I’ve told you about Emily, our baby blue 1970s VW campervan, along with the beautiful (and totally manageable) campsites, and […]

Six Hours in…Caernarfon, Wales

The first thing we did upon arriving in the town of Caernarfon was to…promptly lock our keys in the campervan. Smooooth. To save our egos, I’d like to think that’s because of just how excited we were — wandering into cute Welsh towns on a magnificently sunny day can do that to you. After an […]

Groovy, Baby: Touring Wales in a 1970s VW Campervan

I have no idea how my boyfriend stumbled across this idea. The rabbit hole of the internet, right? One minute you’re looking up things to do in Wales, the next thing you know you’re reading about the social structure of 12th-century capuchins. Damn you Wikipedia. Anyway, somehow in all the noise, he found a rental company in northern […]

Saying “I Do” in Paris

A well-documented drawback to traveling and living abroad is that you often miss big life events back home: birthdays, graduations, watching the popular girls from high school get fat. But on the flip side, being an expat means being able to attend events in new countries, with new customs and traditions. The first wedding I ever […]

Playa, Please

As I mentioned recently, I’m trying to post more short ‘snapshots’ from my travels. First up: Barcelona It was the waters that won me over. Going into Barcelona, I wasn’t sure if we’d click. After all, one of its main attractions is the beach — and I am the opposite of a beach person. Not to […]

Bastille Day: The Eiffel Tower does it better

A photo posted by Edna (@expatedna) on Jul 15, 2015 at 2:08am PDT It’s been well documented how much I love Bastille Day. So I always find it surprising when people say they’re going to celebrate the holiday at Not-the-Eiffel-Tower. (PS, no one really calls it Bastille Day. It’s better known as la fête nationale or le quatorze juillet; get it straight […]

Oh la la! A night with the firemen of Paris

Bastille Day — or more accurately, la fête nationale — is one of my favorite holidays. Partly because it kicks off every year with a huge party with French firemen. Once a year, the French pompiers all around Paris do the most un-firemen like thing: they pack their fire stations with crowds, ply everyone with booze, set up smoke […]