13 ways I saved money for travel as a teenager

We were poor when I was growing up, to be blunt about it. My parents immigrated to the US in the late 1980s as grad students (immigrants and grad students: talk about a double financial whammy), and worked a number of minimum-wage jobs — including waitress and convenience store clerk in NYC* — before finally settling […]

The 12 Pubs of Christmas à Paris

There are few times you can look back in your life and point to an exact moment and say, There. That’s when everything changed. For me, that was … a pub crawl. My first year in Paris, as most people know, was solidly blah. I didn’t like the city, I didn’t get the city — and had I […]

My story: How I’ve been traveling since graduation

Since it’s graduation season, I thought I’d share my story, along with some advice for anyone else who might want to travel and work abroad after graduation.

Making the most of Les Soldes in Paris

Literally just meaning “the sales”, Les Soldes are the best time to shop in Paris, because they are the two — yes, only two — times a year when all of the city goes on sale. Here I share my tips and favorite finds from the Paris Sales.