Instagrammed: Sochi 2014

Today marks a year since the 2014 Winter Olympics began in Sochi, Russia. I never got to write about … [Continue Reading]

Instagrammed- Sochi 2014 by Expat Edna

Two Days in LA

How much can you really see with only two days in Los Angeles, a sprawling city the same size as … [Continue Reading]

Two Days in LA by Expat Edna

The art of doing nothing in London

There's not much to say about the art of doing nothing. It's pretty much one step, self-explanatory: … [Continue Reading]

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One day in Segovia

If you like aqueducts and suckling pigs, boy do I have the day trip for you. Segovia is a small … [Continue Reading]


Everything I loved about Madrid

Spain was never on my radar. Never. Something about it didn't inspire me; no amount of writing or … [Continue Reading]

Everything I loved about Madrid by Expat Edna

We drove to Belgium just for the beer

Like many good ideas, the idea to roadtrip to Belgium for beer came about over a few drinks at the … [Continue Reading]

We drove to Belgium for the beer

An Accidental Year Around the World

The thing about accidentally going on a year-long round the world trip is that you don't actually … [Continue Reading]

An Accidental Year Around the World

The 5 best things I ate in Paris: Extended Edition

I found myself facing the most fabulous dilemma this summer: my job in Paris finished at the end of … [Continue Reading]

5 best things I ate in Paris - Extended Paris edition

Beijing Lit Fest! And other fun spring updates

The light in my apartment at 8 am - Expat Edna

That's me! In the lineup of a Literature Festival! So last year, I was published in this book. This year, they're launching the book at the annual Bookworm Literature Festival in Beijing. Meaning this weekend, I get to discuss my essay -- which was based on this post -- in public. I'm very … [Continue reading...]

The 5 best things I ate: Melbourne and Sydney

5 best things I ate- Melbourne and Sydney by Expat Edna

In this series, I round up the five best things I ate in a particular city or country. Read more food posts here. I did things a little differently when planning Melbourne and Sydney -- namely, in that I didn't. For once, I hardly did any research into the food scenes, and Joe and I instead … [Continue reading...]

Instagrammed: Sochi 2014

Instagrammed- Sochi 2014 by Expat Edna

Today marks a year since the 2014 Winter Olympics began in Sochi, Russia. I never got to write about it at the time because, well, I was busy covering an Olympics. You're lucky if you get time to eat or sleep at these things, forget the personal blogging. It was my second Olympics (the first one … [Continue reading...]

New Year’s Eve from the best seats in Sydney

Sydney New Year's Eve 2015 by Expat Edna

For someone who loves New Year's Eve as much as I do, being invited to a private party, in Sydney, right next to Harbour Bridge -- that's equivalent … [Continue reading...]

Life in Shanghai: December

Life in Shanghai December 2014 by Expat Edna

A couple noteworthy events happened in December that I feel the month still warrants a recap post. But as everyone's moving onto 2015, I'll keep this … [Continue reading...]

Realistic Resolutions for 2015

2015 NYE Resolutions

00:00:00: our view when midnight struck in Sydney I'm one of those in the minority who love New Year's Eve, and New Year's resolutions, and making a … [Continue reading...]

From Sochi to Shanghai (and a few places in between): Life in 2014

From Sochi to Shanghai - Life in 2014

It was bound to happen eventually, but 2014 is the first year I'm not entirely sad to see go.  In my recap two years ago, I had deemed 2012 the best … [Continue reading...]

The 12 Pubs of Christmas à Paris

12 pubs of Christmas a Paris by Expat Edna

There are few times you can look back in your life and point to an exact moment and say, There. That's when everything changed. For me, that was ... … [Continue reading...]

Life in Shanghai: November

Life in Shanghai November 2014 by Expat Edna

My monthly wrap-ups are for me to share more of my daily goings-on; the little things that make up my life abroad. For previous months, … [Continue reading...]