On the Road Again: Where I’m Traveling in 2018

Exactly five weeks from today, my expat adventure in New Zealand comes to an end. (Gone quick, hasn’t it?!) I’ve given notice at work, found someone to take over the last of my lease, will throw a big ol’ leaving party then shove all my worldly possessions into a suitcase and return to life on the road. When I arrived in […]

A year of saying yes (and what’s next)

*A note: I wrote most of this piece before the world completely burst into flames. So I kept putting off hitting publish, as it felt inappropriate to post when so many of my friends are (rightfully) upset over Brexit, terrorist attacks, police brutality, etc etc. But I’ve realized there’s never going to be a ‘right’ time to post, and after today […]

Slowing things down: Where I’m moving in 2016

There was once a time when friends would ask me what my upcoming travel plans were, and I’d already have flights booked out for weeks — or happily reply that I had no idea, and would just see what came up. But for the past few months, anyone who’s seen me knows that hasn’t been the […]

Celebrating 2000 Days of Travel — and One Big Announcement!

Yesterday, I celebrated a huge milestone: 2000 days since I left home to see the world! On June 8, 2010, two weeks after my graduation and 21st birthday, I flew out of Pennsylvania with a one-way ticket — and, in retrospect, disturbingly little planned about my future. The Great Plan was: one week in San […]

Into the (Irish) Woods

This is it. Drastic measures had to be taken. You guys, I’m going into self-imposed exile. An extrovert like myself doesn’t do well in the countryside. I actively try to avoid this kind of situation. However, I’ve been traveling full-time for the past four months, and I’ve done sorely little work in that time. And the […]

I quit — now what? Upcoming travel plans for 2015

So now that I’ve quit my job to travel and have all this free time, next comes the obvious question: Where do I want to go? Even though I’ve been planning this new chapter for a while now, when the map is actually laid out before you, it gets a little overwhelming. Do I spend […]

And then I quit my job to travel

After being abroad for the past seven years, I have some surprisingly big news. Really big. You may have figured it out from the title of this post already, BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT, OKAY? It’s so big, I actually emailed my parents about it a few weeks ago. I love my family […]

Beijing Lit Fest! And other fun spring updates

That’s me! In the lineup of a Literature Festival! So last year, I was published in this book. This year, they’re launching the book at the annual Bookworm Literature Festival in Beijing. Meaning this weekend, I get to discuss my essay — which was based on this post — in public. I’m very self-conscious about both my […]

When nothing and everything go according to plan: Winter travel and Big News!

Yesterday morning I received this text from EasyJet: Your flight tomorrow has been cancelled, because you live in a country with scheduled airport strikes. You may transfer your flight at no additional cost, but good luck finding one because in ten minutes all our Paris flights for the next three days will sell out, ha […]

La rentrée and travel updates

August is a strange month to be in Paris. I was warned about August and les vacances, when Parisians all pack up their bags and head to the south, or wherever they prefer to holiday. But to actually see such a famous city so (relatively) empty was somewhat hard to believe, even when seeing it with […]