Realistic Resolutions for 2017

Seeing in 2017, Paris house-party style What up, 2017? Another year, another round of resolutions. 2016 was straight-up insanity. I’m still working on a recap, but long story short — I took nearly 50 flights in 52 weeks, crossed continents nine times, and burned the hell out at least thrice. So for this year, I’m doing a […]

Realistic Resolutions for 2015

00:00:00: our view when midnight struck in Sydney I’m one of those in the minority who love New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s resolutions, and making a big hullabaloo in general about the whole thing (see: previous editions of Realistic Resolutions). So because public accountability to a large group of strangers is an unsurprisingly strong […]

Realistic Resolutions for 2013

Making resolutions for 2013 has been tricky. Last year I moved to Paris just as the year was beginning and I had all sorts of grand plans for the year, so my goals were easy to articulate. But this year is full of uncertainty. Things I can’t talk about yet — but the bottom line […]

Recap: My 2012 resolutions

One of the many reasons I love New Year’s is the idea of starting anew; wiping the slate clean of the past year’s dusty transgressions and poor habits. So every year I write a short list of resolutions, usually minor things like ‘stop biting my nails’ (a resolution that has been made and broken twenty […]

Realistic Resolutions for 2012

Moving to France has presented me with some wonderful opportunities, so I’m setting some goals for 2012. But, since I’m being realistic, I’ve also added where difficulties lie along the way.