Pass the Turkey, S’il Vous Plaît: The Joys of Expat Thanksgiving

I often claim that the best Thanksgivings are Expat Thanksgivings.  That’s not to say that my parents aren’t great cooks, because they’re the bomb — but in terms of good ol’ American traditions, the one portrayed in Hallmark movies and elementary school pageants? …Let’s just say Chinese food set on a table for four (because […]

Expat Entrepreneurs: Lauren from Devour Spain

In this series, I feature expats who started their own business abroad. From food to fashion, art to tourism — these women had the guts and confidence to pursue their passions and turn it into something bigger. Check out previous interviews here. For the past three years, this series has been devoted to expats who set […]

Red, White, and Bleu

There’s something about living abroad that makes for the best 4th of July celebrations. Even though I’m not the most patriotic American, and have no plans on returning to the States, there’s one day a year I still celebrate the country of my birth, and all the opportunities I’ve been afforded because of it. After […]

Life in Shanghai: June 2015

My monthly wrap-ups are for me to share personal tidbits — the little things that make up my life abroad; stories and photos which may not otherwise see the light of blogging day. See previous months here. “What is this?” You may be asking yourself. “Why am I looking at a June recap? Aren’t we closer […]

Leaving Shanghai: The Double Decker

There’s a leaving season in Shanghai. It coincides with plum rain season; the whole month of June is awash with rain and leaving parties and many declarations of friend love and promises to return to the ‘Hai. This, coupled with the already event-heavy nightlife scene in Shanghai, meant I didn’t throw a leaving party my last […]

Five years on: How I moved abroad after college and built a career through travel

This week marks the five-year anniversary of my college graduation. FIVE years! Well I. feel. old. When I graduated from the Class of 2010, I was 20 years old, had $700 to my name — and zero clue what to do next. This is the story of how in the five years since, I’ve lived in […]

From Sochi to Shanghai (and a few places in between): Life in 2014

It was bound to happen eventually, but 2014 is the first year I’m not entirely sad to see go.  In my recap two years ago, I had deemed 2012 the best year ever and was “scared” for 2013’s ability to rise to such epic precedents. 2013 indeed matched (and surpassed) the year before, but its many […]

The 12 Pubs of Christmas à Paris

There are few times you can look back in your life and point to an exact moment and say, There. That’s when everything changed. For me, that was … a pub crawl. My first year in Paris, as most people know, was solidly blah. I didn’t like the city, I didn’t get the city — and had I […]

Life on the Move: October 2014

Way back when in Paris, when my life wasn’t the cluster it is today, I used to write these monthly recaps. They were fun to do and fun to look back on, and I loved them. So now, as part of my ongoing attempts to create more stability in my life, I’m bringing back the monthly […]

Bastille Day is for friends

In recent years, the 14th of July — a date I hardly cared about for most of my life — has quickly gone the way of other dependable events like my birthday or New Year’s: a day I can always count on to be one of my favorite celebrations of the year. My first Bastille […]

Fête de la Musique

Let’s say you’re in Paris, and it’s the first day of summer. It’s the longest day of the year, it’s June 21, it’s Fête de la Musique. Where do you go? What do you do? Maybe you head down to the banks of the Seine. Left Bank, Right Bank; Pont Neuf, Pont Marie — doesn’t […]

Sunny days in Paris

Not to write yet another post based on Parisian weather, but… After eight months of winter, summer blew into town for a whole blessed week. Peacoats were exchanged for shorts, boots disappeared into flats, scarves replaced with sunglasses. And all of Paris rejoiced. The timing was perfect — I happened to have the week off work […]

Snapshots from a Parisian birthday party

They say your friends are the family you choose. My Paris family took a while to find, but now I can’t imagine living here without them — which is convenient, because the majority of us are all leaving within the next two months, meaning I won’t have to. So last week, to celebrate my 24th […]

Breakfast at the Pompidou and Eileen Gray

Every time I go to the Pompidou to catch one of my favorite views over the city, I can’t help but glance at the well-dressed patrons on the terrace and wonder what it must be like to dine at Georges, the sleek modernistic restaurant atop the Pompidou. Alas, with the prices being what they are […]