#27EpicMoments + The Best of Bali

It’s May, which means it’s my birthday month! 27 was by far my most epic age yet: I traveled to 20 countries in the first seven months, before packing up everything to move to New Zealand in January…not to mention all the ridiculous jobs I took on around the world as a digital nomad. Over the next […]

How to turn 25 in Shanghai

I am notoriously kind of very over-enthusiastic about my birthday. One of those people who celebrates allll week, and always throws a big party (see: last year’s fabulous Parisian black-and-white 50s theme party). Over the past few years I’ve toned down the hullabaloo (once I realized people’s eyes would either glaze over or start to […]

Celebrating 24 in Paris

24 came with some trepidation. In the weeks leading up to my birthday I felt older than I ever had before — hitting that age meant I was officially in my mid-20s and for some reason that idea terrified me: 24 was something that happened to other people, not to me. But I can’t deny that […]

Snapshots from a Parisian birthday party

They say your friends are the family you choose. My Paris family took a while to find, but now I can’t imagine living here without them — which is convenient, because the majority of us are all leaving within the next two months, meaning I won’t have to. So last week, to celebrate my 24th […]

5 years, 5 cities: Celebrating my birthday around the world

Today I turn 23, and I’m celebrating with a look back at the cities I’ve lived and celebrated my birthday in over the last five years.

[In Photos] 2011: A Year of Travel

I visited 25 destinations in eight countries this past year. These are my travels of 2011: from Asia to America to Australia, with lots of countries and photos in between.