From Serial Expat to Full-Time Nomad: Life in 2015

Let’s skip all the pleasantries and excuses: yep, this recap is a little delayed. Happy 2016! Regardless of date, I love me a good annual recap. 2015, amiright?? What a year! This was the year I became a cliché, quit my corporate job, and left the serial expat life to travel full-time. More than that, my travel […]

Town & Country: The Beauty of Wales (Or, there’s more to Wales than sheep)

(Admittedly though, there’s a LOT of them hanging around.) So by now, you guys know alllll about the week we spent driving around North Wales, the trip my boyfriend chose this year to celebrate his birthday. I’ve told you about Emily, our baby blue 1970s VW campervan, along with the beautiful (and totally manageable) campsites, and […]

City Girl’s guide to camping in North Wales

I had my worries going into this big Welsh camping adventure. I purposefully spend very little time in nature — a combination of being allergic to half the world, and moderate germophobia that leads to stress vomiting on occasion (yeah, the struggle is real). Basically, I can be a little precious when thrown outside the comforts of […]

Six Hours in…Caernarfon, Wales

The first thing we did upon arriving in the town of Caernarfon was to…promptly lock our keys in the campervan. Smooooth. To save our egos, I’d like to think that’s because of just how excited we were — wandering into cute Welsh towns on a magnificently sunny day can do that to you. After an […]

Groovy, Baby: Touring Wales in a 1970s VW Campervan

I have no idea how my boyfriend stumbled across this idea. The rabbit hole of the internet, right? One minute you’re looking up things to do in Wales, the next thing you know you’re reading about the social structure of 12th-century capuchins. Damn you Wikipedia. Anyway, somehow in all the noise, he found a rental company in northern […]

Life in Paris & London: Summer 2015

It’s been over two months since I left Shanghai to go permanently on the road. In that time I’ve been to seven countries on three continents, saw very many friends and very few touristy things, probably gained a few pounds in wine and cheese, and went on far more camping trips than I was comfortable […]

Travel Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: 21 Lessons from 21 Countries

If there’s one thing every travel blogger loves to talk about on the internet, it’s that solo travel is marvelous and made of puppy tears and will cure your long-standing eczema. In principle, I support solo travel. It’s definitely something I think everyone should try at least once. But personally, it’s not for me. As […]

An Accidental Year Around the World

The thing about accidentally going on a year-long round the world trip is that you don’t actually realize you’re on one…until it’s over. I mean, when you plan to travel long-term, you usually have a start date. You (usually) have an end date. You are aware that you are on An Adventure. Whereas for the […]