Life in Paris: March 2013

My monthly wrap-ups are for me to share more of my daily goings-on; the little things that make up my life in Paris. For previous months, see here. March had two giant highlights: Mike came to Paris for a week, and I went back to the States for the first time in almost a year and […]


Two weeks ago I was casually browsing airfares online, as I often do on a quiet Saturday night. Spring break was coming up, and with it two weeks off work, so I thought it was time I take a little solo trip and explore more of the continent. But as I looked at flight destinations, […]

An Expat Confession

On permanent expatriation, running away, and embarrassing photos from my life pre-travel.

Why I feel lucky to be American

Appreciating the USA: A first-generation American’s view.


A story told through the libraries of my life.

It’s my Two-Year Expat-travel-versary!

I thank the people in my life who have made these last two years of travel and life abroad so awesome and memorable.

5 years, 5 cities: Celebrating my birthday around the world

Today I turn 23, and I’m celebrating with a look back at the cities I’ve lived and celebrated my birthday in over the last five years.

My story: How I’ve been traveling since graduation

Since it’s graduation season, I thought I’d share my story, along with some advice for anyone else who might want to travel and work abroad after graduation.

[In Photos] 2011: A Year of Travel

I visited 25 destinations in eight countries this past year. These are my travels of 2011: from Asia to America to Australia, with lots of countries and photos in between.

Edna’s Travels from A-Z

This ‘chain post’ has been circulating the Internet lately, as a fun way to learn more about one’s favorite travel bloggers. As I prepare to get serious about blogging, I thought I’d use it as a “get-to-know-you” that beats a boring About page to describe my travel history and experiences.

Monterey & Carmel: Is This Real Life?

From Monterey to Carmel, the 17-Mile Drive has some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen in my life.

Entering the Real World: First stop, San Francisco

Shortly graduation, I was finally free the nest and venture forth into ‘the real world’. What did I do first? I went to San Francisco.

Where has Edna been, and where is Edna going?

That’s right, I graduated. The last month has been a weird mix of goodbyes and emotions and silly things like that as I left Etown (and soon, home) for good. I also hosted two visiting friends from Australia, who I’d met in Dalian and had come all the way to Central Pennsylvania to see me […]