Life as a Nomad: The Whirlwind Summer of 2016

These wrap-ups are for me to share personal tidbits, the little things that make up my life abroad — and to help you (and me!) keep track of where I’ve been. See previous months here. 2016 is the year I’ve forced myself to answer the question: How much is too much? How long can you live out of a […]

Evolving thoughts on extroversion

I had one task on our last day in Sri Lanka: find the DHL. Two hard drives had to make their way back to our editor in New York, tout de suite, and as producer it was my job to package them off. However, Google Maps isn’t as useful in Colombo as it is in most […]

Coconuts and Colombo

Of all the countries on our Asia filming schedule, Sri Lanka was the only place I’d never been. So I went in truly not knowing what to expect, and came out surprised at the rich culinary culture here — much of it to do with the natural resources of Sri Lanka. Through our short time in Colombo I’ve […]

A month in my shoes

So the Olympics! Those happened. I said I was going to try to blog during it, and I didn’t. For once I even had the time — but I didn’t have the desire. Between the stresses of work (hello, green pool) and wanting to explore Rio itself, I barely cracked open my laptop. It’s like I did a digital […]