Why 2012 was the best year ever — and 2013 scares me

Happy New Year everyone! I realize I’m slightly late with my 2012 year-in-review; I took the past week off to celebrate the holidays in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. But you know, better late than never.  I’ve been extraordinarily lucky: since 2008, every year has been exponentially better than the last. When I was 18, […]

Finding love abroad: Our story (and Paris engagement photos!)

In the summer of 2010, I was as single as could be. In fact, not only was I not dating, but I was actively avoiding anything resembling such. Over a year before, I’d sworn off relationships and promised myself I’d spend my 20s single so that I could focus solely on myself, my career, and my plans to […]

Lau Pa Sat: A feast of street food

Given the choice between a nice restaurant and a hawker center, nine times out of ten I will choose the option that finds me sweating on a tiny plastic stool eating cheap street food. Lau Pa Sat is one of those places. A favorite among my friends for a late night dinner or group gathering, […]

Singapore 2010: The Games that started it all

When people ask how I got involved with the Olympics, they’re always surprised by my answer: I moved to Singapore on a whim. That small, random action ended up changing my life in so many ways I never could have imagined. In the summer of 2010, I moved to the tiny island without any jobs […]

Wearing pajamas in public, and other things I miss about Asia

The food, the attitudes, the crazy fashions — a list of reasons why I miss Asia.

It’s my Two-Year Expat-travel-versary!

I thank the people in my life who have made these last two years of travel and life abroad so awesome and memorable.

Beerfest Asia: Around the world in 300 beers

Or, how I fell in love with Swiss beers at an annual beer festival in Singapore.

Singapore Sunday: Dragon boating

A sport that began in China and has spread to Southeast Asia, dragon boating has become popular among the expat community in Singapore.

Orchids, Orchids Everywhere: A tour through Singapore’s National Orchid Garden

A couple big announcements, and the return of Singapore Sunday.

5 years, 5 cities: Celebrating my birthday around the world

Today I turn 23, and I’m celebrating with a look back at the cities I’ve lived and celebrated my birthday in over the last five years.

My story: How I’ve been traveling since graduation

Since it’s graduation season, I thought I’d share my story, along with some advice for anyone else who might want to travel and work abroad after graduation.

I Love My Neighborhood: Balestier Road, Singapore

Today’s guest post features Brian of What Brian Eats, who highlights the advantages of living on Balestier Road — a smaller, more local neighborhood in central Singapore.

Singapore Sunday: Old Housing, New Housing

Shophouses vs public housing: a juxtaposed sight in Tanjong Pagar, my old neighborhood in Singapore.

Singapore Sunday: Merry Go Round

Photo: Merry Go Round