Saying “I Do” in Paris

A well-documented drawback to traveling and living abroad is that you often miss big life events back home: birthdays, graduations, watching the popular girls from high school get fat. But on the flip side, being an expat means being able to attend events in new countries, with new customs and traditions. The first wedding I ever […]

Travel Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: 21 Lessons from 21 Countries

If there’s one thing every travel blogger loves to talk about on the internet, it’s that solo travel is marvelous and made of puppy tears and will cure your long-standing eczema. In principle, I support solo travel. It’s definitely something I think everyone should try at least once. But personally, it’s not for me. As […]

Five years on: How I moved abroad after college and built a career through travel

This week marks the five-year anniversary of my college graduation. FIVE years! Well I. feel. old. When I graduated from the Class of 2010, I was 20 years old, had $700 to my name — and zero clue what to do next. This is the story of how in the five years since, I’ve lived in […]

One Midnight in Paris

It was early August and things were not going well. I had just called off my engagement, the fingers on my left hand unused to feeling for a ring that was no longer there. Elsewhere, not one, but two people I considered my closest friends had broken my heart in totally different, though equally painful ways. […]

Endings and Beginnings

(I’m going to apologize in advance for the long read, but I felt I owed a proper explanation for my disappearance these past few months. I promise future posts will be shorter. And feature more food.) If there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, it’s that nothing is for certain. Friendships. Relationships. Opinions. Circumstances. Doesn’t […]

How to plan a wedding abroad: Advice from expats and travel bloggers (Part II)

Thinking about a destination wedding? Marrying someone from a different country? Don’t know where to start planning? Don’t worry — this international group of expats and travel bloggers have got your questions covered. How to plan a wedding abroad: Part I can be found here. 7. How have you dealt with well-intentioned people who want […]

How to plan a wedding abroad: Advice from expats and travel bloggers

(Warning: This is a long post.)  Happy Valentine’s Day! Seeing as my fiancé lives 6000 miles away, I don’t have much planned for today besides my usual Thursday night after-work drinks. So instead, to celebrate, I’ve asked travel bloggers and expats to dish out advice on planning a wedding abroad, or marrying someone from another […]

Recap: My 2012 resolutions

One of the many reasons I love New Year’s is the idea of starting anew; wiping the slate clean of the past year’s dusty transgressions and poor habits. So every year I write a short list of resolutions, usually minor things like ‘stop biting my nails’ (a resolution that has been made and broken twenty […]

5 years.

Five years ago today, my grandmother died. It was a heartbreaking event made even worse by the fact that, due to the time difference, I received the call on Christmas day. I grew up only seeing her a couple weeks every summer, as I lived in Pennsylvania and she lived in Shanghai. When my classmates would […]

Finding love abroad: Our story (and Paris engagement photos!)

In the summer of 2010, I was as single as could be. In fact, not only was I not dating, but I was actively avoiding anything resembling such. Over a year before, I’d sworn off relationships and promised myself I’d spend my 20s single so that I could focus solely on myself, my career, and my plans to […]

Gratitude: 2012

2012 has been one helluva year. When I accepted my job in Paris, I also accepted the fact that this would probably be a boring year: no travel, no adventure; just a year working and studying French. Well that was a laugh, because 2012 was an even crazier adventure than 2011. But I’ll get to that next month, […]

It’s my Two-Year Expat-travel-versary!

I thank the people in my life who have made these last two years of travel and life abroad so awesome and memorable.

On getting engaged in Paris, and what’s next

Some personal thoughts on being engaged long-distance, our future plans, and answering some frequently asked questions.

Paris is for lovers.

Paris is even better when you have someone to share it with. The best of one week in Paris, in photos.