Twelve Hours in…Hong Kong

This month, I’m counting down my top 27 adventures at 27. Next up: Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of those cities I can never say no to, if even for a brief window of time. So when we found a flight back from our week in Bali with a 12-hour layover in HK, we jumped on the chance […]

From Sochi to Shanghai (and a few places in between): Life in 2014

It was bound to happen eventually, but 2014 is the first year I’m not entirely sad to see go.  In my recap two years ago, I had deemed 2012 the best year ever and was “scared” for 2013’s ability to rise to such epic precedents. 2013 indeed matched (and surpassed) the year before, but its many […]

Fireworks? What fireworks?: New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong

For someone who loves New Year’s Eve and birthdays as much as I do, it’s quite fitting I ended up engaged to a guy born on December 31. Meeting Mike has ensured that no New Year’s Eve will ever be a minor affair again: I will always go all out to celebrate the double holiday (hence New […]

I Love My Neighborhood: Hong Kong’s SoHo

Today’s guest post comes from Kelly, an expat exploring her way through Hong Kong from her neighborhood in SoHo.