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Edna at Olympics Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony, London 2012

I take my bucket list very seriously.

I don’t add things willy-nilly. These aren’t just things I’d like to do “someday.” If it’s on the list, that means these are the places and things I feel I must see and do in my lifetime.

A continuous work in progress:

1. See penguins in their natural habitat (Melbourne, December 2014)

2. Work an Olympic Games

3a. Spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney (NYE 2012 and NYE 2015)

4. See the Northern Lights

(Those four are the absolute top of the list. The rest are in no particular order:)

5. Visit and swim in Halong Bay (Oct 2011)

6. Roadtrip and drink wine in Croatia

7. Go skydiving

8. Learn a third language

9. Live in Iceland for six months or so

10. Take crazy photos at the salt flats in Bolivia

11. Eat sushi in Japan (May 2015)

12. Drink cinnamon beer in northern Europe

13. Be on TV in a foreign country (April 2012, France and October 2012, Azerbaijan)

14. Ride in a hot air balloon (December 2014)

15. See the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia, Turkey

16. Go on a mountain trek in Tibet or Nepal

17. Take a private flight in a tiny Cessna (December 2011)

18. Eat myself silly in the Italian countryside

19. Trek to Machu Picchu

20. Step onto a ledge of dizzying heights in Norway

21. Eat egg tarts in Portugal

22. Relax in Santorini, Greece

23. Rent a car and road trip around Ireland

24. Zanzibar, or just getting to Africa at all

25. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich (September 2013 & 2015)

26. Work a Winter Olympics (February 2014)

27. Work a World Cup

28. Take a tango class in Argentina

29. Rent a house with all my friends during Carnevale in Venice (February 2014)

30. Take an extended trip around New Zealand

Who’s up to join me?


  1. Good list! I’m so with you on the Northern Lights, drinking wine in Croatia and Galapagos Islands. I’m working on my third language and *crossing fingers* hoping to get to Thailand and Cambodia in the next year… My friend just did the night dive with giant manta rays in Hawaii and I must admit I’m quite jealous (and equally scared out of my mind)!

    • Northern Lights are a regular occurrence where I live. Canada rocks for those type bucket list events!

  2. Wow, this sounds like an amazing list! I have some of the same things on mine like seeing the Northern Lights, learning a third language, riding in a hot air balloon, trekking to Macchu Picchu and this summer I will get to experience #18 as I explore Italy with my sister. Food is DEFINITELY in the plan!


  3. I have a few things on my list as well! I’ll be doing #18 in June! Great post :) Very inspiring!

  4. wonderful list! Really want to go to Antarctica as well! Add walking with lions to it ! ; ) you would love it ! — > http://mselenalevontraveling.com/2011/11/18/zambia-solo/

  5. Does #13 really link to the right video?

  6. Riding a hot air balloon is on my list too! I’d like to do it at The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico.

  7. Curious as to why you chose wine in Croatia of all places?

    • Back in 2010, a friend told me about his trip to Croatia and how the wine there was some of the best he’s had, but it rarely gets exported so you can only try it in Croatia. He then showed me gorgeous photos of the country and Croatia’s been on my list ever since.

  8. It’s great to see another person putting their Bucket List out there.
    Congrats on achieving everything you already have and wishing you a successful road ahead, with plenty of fulfilled dreams!

    I’ve been on a small mission to install the idea in my friends’ heads, as it’s not too popular in Poland, and I think it’s beginning to work:)

    Personally, I can’t wait to cross a couple of items off my list by the end of this year!

  9. Antarctica is also my top thing that I want to do! I think I’m going to try to go for my 30th birthday (Dec 2015) if I don’t make it there before then!

  10. I love your list…it is very do-able that is what i like about it… and it has places i must see and things i know i will do…asides sky diving of course…i will never get jumping out of a plane…

  11. I was in Ireland last winter and would be MORE THAN HAPPY to join you on that part of your bucket list! I can’t wait until you get to go there and roadtrip!

  12. Hey Edna!

    Happy to find your page on Facebook- now it will be easier to follow the blog! You’re making good progress on this excellent list. I’m looking for a skydiving partner- it’s on my list too, because it’s the scariest thing I can ever imagine doing!

  13. I absolutely love your bucket list and a few of the items there are on mine, especially spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney and Treking to Machu Picchu!

  14. Drink wine in Croatia is interesting choice. I have seen tons of documentary about penguins and they’re so adorable, so seeing penguins in Antarctica it’s good thing to have in a bucket list.

  15. Awesome blog!
    Love your bucket list, too.
    Fun to read and see things I’ve done and other things that sound super cool to add to my own list (several I’ve not thought of!)

  16. I love your list! I’ve never heard of drinking cinnamon beer! I’ll have to look into it. I just discovered your blog :)

  17. 1. I saw A penguin in New Zealand. I think it was off season. The boat listed with all the tourists trying to see him.

    6. I did a hiking tour in Croatia which included a lot of local wines and great blissful days on a boat island hopping.

    8. I studied French, German, and Italian and French is the closest to fluent.

    14. I’ve ridden in a hot air balloon twice in Tuscany, once taking my Mom on the trip with me.

    17. I used to fly (as in, the pilot) private Cessnas

    18. oh yes, many times with many different people.

    19. Yes, and in fact since this was also a work retreat/team building, I didn’t have to pay for it and we even had our corporate jet take us.

    20. I have hiked in Norway but not that ledge you mention, that was more south. I did see the most impressive fjords though.

    21. Yep, have had those. MMMM

    25. I did that a number of years ago when I had friends still living in Munich.

    29. I’ve rented a flat with friends during New Years Eve there, does that count? Actually to date other than “home”, Venice is the place I have spent the most New Years Eves – currently three of them.

    30. I did that for two weeks, does that count? Probably not.

    You have a great list and I’m happy to say I have done a few of them!

    :) :) :)

  18. Tatiana says:

    Come to Medellin, Cartagena or Cali (Colombia) their beautiful and tropical!


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