#27EpicMoments + The Best of Bali

It’s May, which means it’s my birthday month!

27 was by far my most epic age yet: I traveled to 20 countries in the first seven months, before packing up everything to move to New Zealand in January…not to mention all the ridiculous jobs I took on around the world as a digital nomad.

Over the next month, I’ll be posting photos and stories from the past year on Instagram (#27EpicMoments), Facebook, and here on the blog. It’s been a hell of a year — including the highest of highs and some seriously low lows — so I hope you enjoy the tales to come as much as I’m enjoying sifting through the memories.

I’ll attempt to post in mostly chronological order. So like Julie Andrews says, let’s start at the very beginning: this is how I celebrated turning 27 — with a week of mountain climbs, infinity pools, and unending gorgeousness in lush Bali:

Was 27 a good year for you? Also, where should I celebrate turning 28??

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  1. It’s my birthday month toooooo!

  2. Wooo May babies! Its my birthday month as well! We just got back from Lombok… highly recommend it. :) Happy Birthday Edna! :) X

    • High five! Oh I still haven’t been to Lombok after all these years…one day!

  3. I’d pop on over to Melbourne, my old home and the coolest city in Australia!

  4. Happy birthday month!!!!

  5. Helin says:

    I love these photos! They even make me want to travel a tiny, tiny amount. I’ve been wanting to lock myself in a cabin with no internet for a while, so that’s my suggestion for your 28th :)

    • That may be the best compliment on my photography I’ve received yet. Honestly, I could do with a month in a cabin — it’s my plan for after New Zealand!

  6. Obvs you should celebrate 28 in ADELAIDE.

  7. 27 was a pretty good year for me too! Not nearly as epic as yours, but that year my sister got married, I did some of my best costume work in San Francisco theater, and my ex and I took serious steps in our plan to move abroad. 28 for me was much more epic and insane; can’t wait to see how it goes for you!

  8. Love this! Happy almost birthday!

  9. Happy birthday! I’m a May baby too. All the best ones are ;) Also, these photos are making me super excited to go back to Bali. I’ll be there all summer starting in 20 days. Let the countdown begin!


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