Paris Diaries

Bistrot Paul Bert by Expat EdnaSeine by Expat Edna

Paris is just one of those cities that does not quit. No matter how much time I’ve spent in the city, my camera inevitably fills up with a thousand photos of street corners and iron balconies and all the ways the light hits the riverbank.

You’d think one would eventually run out of angles from which to shoot the Eiffel Tower, but you’d be wrong.

Truffle cheese and Champagne by Expat EdnaEdna on Ile St Louis by Expat Edna

I never quite know what to do with these orphan photos. There’s not really a story to tell, per se. Cafés, charcuterie, Champagne; flowers, picnics, sunsets: it’s all just the makings of day-to-day life in Paris.

Windows on Ile St Louis by Expat EdnaCharcuterie, Ober Mamma by Expat EdnaCafe St Regis by Expat Edna

So I thought I’d pull some recent ones I’d been editing, and post them for no other purpose than to be seen and (hopefully!) enjoyed. I’d like to get better at sharing smaller snippets of life abroad, so I’m starting here.

A recent conversation with my dad reminded me once again how lucky I am to be experiencing this dream life. Lucky to have this blue passport instead of the red one of my relatives; lucky to not have financial obligations binding me to a fixed location.

I shoot, I shoot, and I shoot, but the photos just stay on a hard drive and to me, that feels like I’m not showing enough gratitude for this opportunity.

Notre Dame sunset by Expat EdnaIle St Louis golden hour -- Expat Edna

So here are some recent memories. Paris is beautiful, traveling is beautiful, and life is good.

More to come, soon.

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  1. Hey! Nice photos! I’m mainly commenting because your mention of luck reminded me of this article –

    From your blog post about strategies for saving money so you can travel abroad, I don’t think you’re particularly lucky on the financial front, at least – you’ve worked hard for it!

    • Thanks Helin! I did see that article recently. I think I still have to feel super lucky about my circumstances, though — especially compared to my dad (whom you know very well!).

      I.e. I didn’t lose my 20s to a Chinese labor farm, I don’t have to put my younger sister through college, I don’t have a mortgage or car to take care of, I’m still relatively young, etc. My dad is constantly telling me I’m living a life he can only dream of and it breaks my heart that he wasn’t able to do this when he was young, and still can’t now :(

  2. So glad you’re enjoying things, Edna! I’ve loved following along and your videos on Snapchat have been awesome! Keep having fun and sharing lots of photos :)

    • Thank you Laura! Glad you’ve been enjoying and I’ll keep sharing photos for sure :)

  3. Yes you may be “lucky” but you certainly worked hard to plan to be able to live this lucky life! Keep on sharing these photos, they are gorgeous!

    • Aw thank you Mardi! I’m glad this format is going over well, so I definitely will!

  4. Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful city! I’m looking forward to seeing the other snippets! (I’m hoping there are some out there for Iceland and Venice!)

    • Thank you! There are definitely Iceland and Venice ones! And London and Munich and Boston as well…

  5. I love them. You should definitely keep posting the random photos. I’ve been trying to find a way to do the same. I feel like the only time I blog these days is if I take a big trip somewhere or hit a milestone. I really want to start sharing more of the day-to-day.

    Your pictures, as always, are so stunning. <3

    • Thank you Ceri! I think I will — plus it takes the pressure off making each blog post have a ‘purpose’ and be perfect!

  6. I studied in Paris a decade ago and most certainly did NOT fall in love with the city. But lately I’ve been doing more reading about it, listening to podcasts, looking at photos, like the ones you just posted… and it’s starting to finally grow on me. I think in a couple of years I’ll be ready to do it all over again!

    • Oh I was the same! It took me a whole year in Paris before I started to like it, and now look at me — I’ve done a complete 180 and can’t spend more than a couple months away from the place. I’d definitely say to give it another chance!

  7. Ahh Edna – I sure do love your outlook on life!
    And yes 0 those photos DO deserve to be seen.
    Everyday life in Paris looks like an everyday adventure! xo