Beerfest Asia: Around the world in 300 beers

It’s yet another cold and dreary day in Paris, with bipolar clouds that could either open up and drown you like a sewer rat at any second, or clear and reveal a bright and beautiful sun. Either way, I think Paris has decided to skip spring and summer this year, and we’re just living in a perpetual March-like lion/lamb weather dichotomy.

So you know where I’d much rather be right now? Singapore, where it’s not only 88F/31C (heaven!) but where Beerfest Asia is currently in full swing. First started in 2009, this event is now held every year at Marina Promenade (next to the F1 tracks) and features over 40 stands and 300 beers, lagers, and ciders from around the world.

Depending on when you buy and which day you attend, tickets range from S$20-40, which includes one complimentary beer. As far as the offerings go, most drinks are around S$5, which may not seem like the best deal for a beer festival (especially when you come from the land of dollar pitchers) — but in a country where pints of Guinness go for S$15 and even the cans at 7-11 start at S$3, a fiver for a bottle of Australian cider is not that bad.

Over the course of four days, you can sample everything from Armenian lager to Danish stouts to Taiwanese lychee beer. On top of that, there’s live music, performances by Comedy Club Asia, a kick-ass beer pong table, and great views of Marina Bay and some of Singapore’s most famous icons.

Festivals like this make me grateful I inherited proper (non-Asian) alcohol processing genes. Drinking my new favorite Swiss beer with friends, while watching a comedy show or relaxing along the bay: Beerfest Asia is a good time.

The most organized beer pong contest you’ll ever find — the table even has holes conveniently built in for each cup, to make clean-up quicker and turnover faster.

Motorcycle taps?

Tip: Go to an earlier show if you want to remember the material; go to a later show and you’ll find anything anyone says hilarious.

American Budweiser, Swedish Somersby, Canadian Moosehead, and Swiss beer booths

Singapore icons: The Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands; and that night we were even treated to a practice run-through of the upcoming National Day Parade!

Man U (sponsored by Singha) even made an appearance

Some of my favorite finds of the night: Vollmond and Calvinus (Swiss), Zubr (Czech), Sengur (Mongolian), Myanmar (obvious), and Namkhong (Lao).

 Ever been to a beer festival? What’s your favorite unusual find?

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  1. What a Fun Beer Event – thanks for sharing! I have been to beer festivals and am going to try a new one this year. I usually like to try the gamut when it comes to beer at these type of festivals.

  2. Never been to one, but it is a rare occasion to find one in Ireland. On the other hand, Ireland is playing in the European cup tonight. If they win, every pub in Ireland could resemble a beer festival.

  3. That looks pretty awesome. I love sampling beers around the world. Germany has great beer, but it all kind of tastes the same sometimes. And really how cool are beer cans with funny writing on them.

    We seem to have similar weather in Germany too. That not quite yet summer rain/sun mix. Ugh

  4. LOVE this, you keep putting places and events into my to do list :)

  5. We love trying new types of beer and our favourite is definitely Belgian! We live in Germany, where local beer is also great, but nothing compares to Belgian imagination and variety :)

  6. OMG they had ROGUE?! That’s awesome!! <– PNW pride

    I support any event where they serve beer that has *gasp* hops or shall I say malted grains?! Sapporo & Asahi are ok… but sometimes, you just need.. flavor.

    I keep missing the beer fests in Tokyo. Oh well, I usually manage to more or less create my own when I'm back in the beer-loving city of Seattle :)!!

  7. Mmmmm, I LOVE beer. I went to a beer festival in Germany once, but I can’t remember the name of it (not Oktoberfest as it was in April). I first fell in love with beer in Belgium, where I tried my first Duvel. Delicious! I really need to go to a beer garden and try more kinds, it’s been a while!

  8. My dad went to Oktoberfest but sadly, I never went to any sort of beer fest whatsoever. That’s really cool to drink beer from all over the world, though. :)

  9. simonpetersen826 says:

    Best festival ever! I’m so jealous – and that’s coming from a man who’s been enjoying cheap beer in Bali for the last couple of weeks!

  10. This looks like a cool event. It reminds me of a bar we have here in DC that advertises the largest beer selection in the world. Not sure if it’s true but they certainly have a wide selection. For the best bang for your buck I have to recommend the russian beer baltic 9 (not for taste, but alcohol content).

  11. Oh how I would love to attend this! Or the Octoberfest in Germany for that matter. Just found your blog today, following now :)