Singapore Sunday: Dragon boating

A sport that began in China and has spread to Southeast Asia, dragon boating has become popular among the expat community in Singapore.

You’ll find each country has its own team; however, instead of joining the American team I fell in with the Gaelic Dragons, and my (English) fiancé still rows with them weekly. You’ll definitely find the best craic with the Gaelics!

The German team running time trials on the Kallang River.

Contrary to what you might think, when paddling you shouldn’t row with your arms, but rather twist from the core — making it an incredibly intense workout. The views you get while rowing from Kallang River into Marina Bay are also unbeatable.

Of course, dragon boating is also an novel alternative way to meet new people; the Gaelic Dragons enjoy a few beers along the river after every Saturday training and get together quite often out of the river.

Regattas are held every month or two and most teams practice along the Kallang River on weekends. For more information, check out the Gaelic Dragons (or, for other anglophones, there are also American, Australian, British and Canadian teams).

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